Free Wenka

Wenka was born in a laboratory on May 21, 1954.  Five decades later,she is still in a lab and still being used for research at Emory University.

Wenka is now the oldest known chimpanzee in a U.S. lab.   She has been through a gamut of intense research beginning the day she was born.  She has been used to breed chimpanzees– each of her babies taken from her and sold for animal testing.  Wenka is 1 of 86 chimpanzees (and 1 of 6 chimpanzees over the age of 50) currently being used for research at Emory.

GARP is working to free Wenka to a sanctuary and to bring awareness to the waste, inefficiency and cruelty of animal testing and research.  GARP’s efforts include education of the public, media coverage, protests, letter-writing and call campaigns, and an open dialogue with Emory and the director of Yerkes, Emory’s animal testing facility.

For more information on contacting Emory and how you can help free Wenka, please visit our sister site